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Portable medical product service policy OEM/ODM
Portable medical product service policy
Thank you for purchasing the products of Nuovon! We will confirm your purchase voucher and enjoy a one-year free warranty service according to the relevant terms on your warranty card. Please keep your warranty service card carefully and show it when you apply for maintenance service.
If you need warranty service, please contact the designated maintenance center at 8:30-18:00 from Monday to Friday (excluding legal holidays).
1. The "Warranty Service Card" is the after-sales service warranty card of the company. You can enjoy one year of free warranty service from the date you purchase the products of the company.
2. The old parts replaced during the maintenance service within the warranty period are owned by the company.
3. The Company will not provide free warranty service in the following cases:
a) Failure to show the service warranty card or valid certificate issued with the seal of the company;
b) The content of the product warranty card is inconsistent with the actual warranty goods or has been altered;
c) . Machine failure caused by user's wrong operation or intentional damage;
d) Consumables or accessories of the product, such as test paper, disposable alcohol cotton, electrode piece, cloth cover, filter screen cover, etc;
e) Once repaired by a maintenance center not designated by the company;
f) Faults caused by natural disasters, fire and other force majeure factors, as well as chemical corrosion and other factors.
4. After the free warranty period expires, we will provide lifelong paid maintenance service for the product.
5. The Warranty Service Card is valid within the scope of Chinese Mainland. Users who carry their aircraft abroad will not be entitled to free warranty services provided by local Knopfein.
6. When the purchase area is different from the use area, please refer to the service policy of the use area.
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