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Ultrasound Therapy Machine

About Device

It is a perfect combination of traditional Chinese health care culture theory and modern scientific and technological practice. It is a revolution of medium-intensity ultrasonic equipment, which combines ultrasonic, warm moxibustion, and acupuncture to

 improve local blood circulation in human tissue through physical and chemical effects, enhance metabolism, soften tissue, enhance drug permeability, and affect the content of active substances. , reduce the excitability of sensory nerves to relieve pain also

 follow the meridians, balance qi and blood, and adjust yin and yang.



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Ultrasound Therapy Machine



Ultrasound Frequency1MHz


Ultrasound intensity: Low,Medium,High


Beam type: Collimation type


Beam Non-uniformity coefficient: <8.0


Absolute maximum effective sound intensity: 3W/cm²


Effective radiation area:2.0cm±20%


max output power:30W


definite time:10minutes


the big head : the low range of the penetration depth is 3-4cm, the mid-range of penetration depth is about 5-6cm, and the high-range of the penetration depth is about 7-8cm.    temperature is  around  40-50 degrees.