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Electric Head Scalp Massager

The device is powered by our science-backed massage therapy principles, delivering just-right pressure in concert with your knots and contact points.

 A cutting-edge motor provides consistent pressure to stimulate all targeted muscles and cells. 



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Electric Head Scalp Massager

With a sleek design and tried-and-true massage technology, this device delivers a perfectly no-frills scalp and full-body massage via trigger point stimulation. 

Use it to increase blood flow and reduce pain for faster muscle recovery.

Product specifications


Scalp Mini-t



Net weight of main engine:

About 205g

Charging mode:

USB port input: dc5vv1a

Lithium battery parameters:

Polymer lithium battery 3.7V 1100mah

Working voltage:

Lithium battery voltage 3.7V

Waterproof grade


Application site:

Head, whole body