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Herb extraction machine



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Herb extraction machine

Function and Efficacy: Extraction of drinking machine can extract common herbal health care ingredients, such as jujube, Chinese wolfberry, roses, chrysanthemums and herbal tea, lotus leaf, etc., it not only can keep compendium of "active" still retain maximum content of "active", as well as the maximum effective components extracted from the herbal ingredients, the extraction is better than the traditional "stew and boil" method and better than the traditional boiling method improved 3 to 30 times, at the same time, the herbal medicine effective component release more thoroughly, active ingredient retained more fully, the extraction precision is higher.

The extracted essence has a very good taste and higher nutritional value.

Suitable for family members, office workers, or busy business people etc.

Product Name: Herb extraction machine 

Product Model: NED-VI11

Rated Power: 830W

Product color: black ink + amber brown

Appearance Technology: three layers of jet printing

Material: ABS plastic

Other Materials: Korean posco food grade SU5304

Austenitic stainless steel

Dow Corning food grade silica gel

Gross weight: about 7KG

Size: 431×271×308MM

Packing ruler T: 495×325×385MM